Vic Morgan Blog: Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion

Here are the latest ramblings of BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan..

It was what I used to call when I was a football commentator, “a hard fought local derby”.

Swindon’s game against Bristol Rovers provided a few thrills and spills, some meaty tackles, at times decent football, but sadly no goals. It was the Town’s first goalless game in eons, well since Bradford City in October.

To be honest I was not unhappy with the draw. It was the sort of match which could have proved to be very difficult, and remember the Gas came to the County Ground and thrashed us 4-0 a couple of seasons back when we were flying in League One. So it was a draw which kept us top of the table, and healthily looking down on the sides below us.

The major talking point, apart from Paolo’s wonderful post match celebration, was the reaction of some of the crowd to the substitution of Alan Connell. When is it right to boo…?

Now I’m not going to be smug and say I’ve never voiced my opinion at a managers decision, that wouldn’t be true. But I find it difficult to understand when we’ve had one of the best seasons in recent years. Okay, you don’t agree with the decision and that’s fine, but try and find another way of showing it.

I think we all know we have a rather special leader at the club right now, who as well as being passionate wants his club to be united..hope its not the West Ham version. Let’s try and give him that in the next few games. After all, twelve months ago, I think most people just wanted to see the end of a miserable season.

A year on, its optimism and good times. Disagree of course, it’s your right. Try to be positive though instead of negative. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am world class at moaning, can’t find a reason too right now.

Another nervous Tuesday night was spent, while preparing for my Late Show in the south west. I’ve said before how invaluable things like Twitter are when you can’t go to a game. It’s a real lifeline for a twitchy middle aged bloke sitting on his own in far off Devon. Shouldn’t have worried though. Another great away win at Barnet.

Among those keeping me informed was the Advertiser’s Gary Rose. Gary’s about to leave the paper for the BBC, but in his short time in Wiltshire has impressed many with his Swindon Town coverage. Gary also gave me a boost recently, asking me to write for the Adver. It was at a time when I’d had a bit of a knock from certain broadcasting quarters and my morale was pretty low. I’ll always be grateful for that. Me, Ron and all TheWashbag team wish Gary well, and look forward to seeing him at Bradford on the final day to celebrate a title win.

I had the pleasure on many occasions to sit next to one of Gary’s predecessors in the press box. The great Clive King. I was thinking the other night how the technology of match coverage has changed. No lap taps and mobiles in those days. A pen, paper, and running commentary to a copy taker. In a short space of time we’ve moved from the basic tools of the journalistic trade to something much more amenable.

Photographers like the excellent Dave Evans can send their pictures back via computer, rather than develop back at base after a long 12 or 13 hour day. Sometimes change isn’t always a good thing, but this is one example where life’s improved….still a skill though and long hours are very much a part of the job even in the 21st century.

Looking forward to Morecambe, a new ground which is always a bonus. Early start and by the time you read this I may well be most of the way through the journey. Its great though isn’t it ? Even after all these years the simple pleasure of following YOUR team on the road, can’t be beaten. Here’s to three more points, a few chocolate eggs, and a happy journey back.

Keep it loud, keep it proud, keep it SWINDON.


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