Vic Morgan Blog: To Wembley by Planes, Trains and Automobiles…

A few days earlier than usual, here are the latest ramblings of BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan..

What a weekend…

On Thursday evening, not long after writing my last blog in fact, I found out I was off to Newcastle to cover the Plymouth Raiders British Basketball League Trophy final second leg against the Eagles.

Normally that wouldn’t cause too much of a problem. Fly up Friday morning, fly back Saturday am, job done. Of course this weekend was a little different wasn’t it..? There was a trip to Wembley to worry about and a coach to steward from the County Ground.

Add in to all this a really heavy cold – I don’t get man-flu it’s a cold right..? – and you’ll see everything pointed to a less than relaxing couple of days.

A cracking basketball game, sadly the Raiders lost, and my throat took a bit of a hammering commentating above a feverish atmosphere. Eventually though I flew back to Bristol before catching a train to Swindon and preparing to meet up with family who were travelling up from Devon via hire car…got that, I’ll ask questions later.

Just to make things even more complicated the clocks went forward. I’m exhausted even more now just remembering it all. I had a couple of spare hours to relax and converse with other Town fans on Twitter on Saturday night and all I can think of is that we were all suffering some collective madness ahead of Wembley.

All of us were excited and to be honest rather like kids before Christmas. There’s nothing like the night before Christmas is there..? Everything is still possible…

So to the big day…

Early start, checking off the passengers on coach 12. All present and correct and a quick nap on the bus before arriving at the home of football. Sorry to be a grouse, but the entrance to our national stadium is a disgrace. Basically it’s a ground at the back of an industrial estate. I’ve always hated the ride into Wembley, it always seems amazing to me that if you’re a visitor to our country you get pallets and diggers to look at before arriving at this state of the art arena. Bizarre.

The game itself…

For the second time Swindon couldn’t put on a winning display at the new Wembley. Somehow we couldn’t provide a real threat up front and defensively we weren’t at our best.

Maybe Alan Connell’s missed chance late in the first half was the turning point. At that time Swindon were having the best of it and it could have provided a springboard. It didn’t and we were left with another day of great promise but ultimate disappointment.

It’s not for me to question the manager’s selection, though we were all a little surprised that the likes of Aden Flint wasn’t in the squad and new signings were. That’s for a considered reflection though.

All I will say though is the main target is promotion out of League Two, let’s get back to where we were last season and then really get going. Paolo Di Canio has restored our pride, he loves our club and has taken us to a level we never thought possible last May.

Just to finally rub salt in the wound of course comes the two hour wait in the Wembley traffic jam. Maybe if the FA big wigs had to endure that, they’d think twice about building a ground at the back of an industrial estate with terrible roads. Bonkers just bonkers.

My crazy weekend ended at just before 1am back home in Devon. Two finals and no trophies, as I said Christmas Eve is probably better than what comes the next day.

Still, here’s to three points against Rovers on Saturday, Wembley..? Bah humbug.

Keep it loud, keep it proud, keep it Paolo Di Canio’s SWINDON.



  • ghost of malpas

    Apart from the location of our national stadium in an industrial estate, after my first visit to Wembley I’d say that this new stadium is totally lacking in atmosphere. A great occasion is snuffed out by this bleak characterless ground. Crowd noise evaporates into thin air and you need binoculars to see the players. What a disappointment.
    Vic – get well soon


    • This was my third trip to the new Wembley Stadium and second with STFC.

      I’d echo your comments on a lack of atmosphere, however as we’ve yet to score a goal, let along celebrate a victory at the ground, until then we won’t realise how good the atmosphere could be…


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