TheWashbag shop now open, buy JPT Final T-Shirts and more…

Read…. wear as we’ve now launched our online shop selling a selection of reasonably priced STFC inspired T-Shirts and other clothing… you can even buy a mug.

We’ve got a JPT Final T-Shirt for you to wear to Wembley, T-Shirts with our favourite Paolo Di Canio quotes and much more…

Money raised will go into a fund to hopefully sponsor a Swindon Town player – whether first team or youth – for the 2012/13 season. Thanks for your support.

Click on the image to be taken to the shop.

Any feedback on the products is welcome.

If you would like a custom design then get in touch.

Until 19th March 2012 our suppliers are offering £10 off on all orders over £50! – Use voucher code SPRING2012 to claim the discount. Buy in bulk for all your mates and save, paint Wembley red on the 25th March!!


  • Ron,
    You provide an excellent service to us exiles. The shirts look great. I am heading from California to Wembley for a lightening trip. Any chance you can send me the shirts that I will order in time for the game to my parents address in Marlow?
    I plan to order a few and before doing so would like to get a sense of the delivery timings.



    • Hi Martyn,

      WOW! great to see you’re making the trip back over next week.

      Spreadshirt produce and distribute the products, which are sent out in 2 working days. You can set the delivery address as different to the billing address, so Spreadshirt will be able to ship to Marlow if you specify that when you order.

      If you are around Block 242 at Wembley come and say hello!




  • Yes, nice set of merchandise and all that, but I think you’ve missed a massive marketing trick though by not producing a washbag!?! Now that would’ve been ace and probably got my business…. 😉


    • I agree, I would’ve done that if one was available, but Spreadshirt don’t provide washbags! Such a shame!


      • Ha, I was only teasing – I spend a lot of time away with work and have to use the same tired, toothpaste stained old bag. So when I heard of your new range of merchandise I got excited, especially if the washbag came with complimentary tortoiseshell comb!!!


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