Vic Morgan Blog: A Slight Stutter…

The ramblings of BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan..

And so it was just ten wins in a row. That winning run came to an end at, of all places, the Kassam. A day no Town fan wants to remember for long, and the behaviour of some brought shame to both clubs.

My abiding memory before I move on, is seeing fear in the eyes of genuine Swindon supporters, who just wanted to get out of there safely.

The performance wasn’t great either, but it’s hard to criticise a team that has had ten victories on the bounce. So we move on and back to better and brighter things.

It certainly was brighter on Tuesday wasn’t it..?

Because of work commitments, I missed our four-nil victory over Dagenham. By all accounts it was comfortable. Helped by the Daggers being down to ten men, unlike last Saturday, the Town were able to take full advantage.

It’s a great feeling after the game sharing views with fellow Swindon fans. There’s just a total sense of pride in what’s going on at the County Ground. It’s a joy to look at the league table, and know that not only promotion, but the title as well is getting closer.

I saw a video of Paul Benson applauding the Dagenham fans after the game. After the grim events last Saturday, it was a pleasure to watch a player pay tribute to his former club. A genuine gesture, and one I’m sure was appreciated by the travelling fans.

I watched a bit of Barcelona on the telly on Wednesday. Words fail you about Lionel Messi don’t they…? The man is extraordinary.

The way he plays the game is wonderful. He really seems to relish what he does. He plays with a smile on his face, and is blessed with a talent that comes from somewhere left of Mars. How would he fare in England…? Who cares, whichever club he plays for, let’s just enjoy this player for what he is. Surely the best player on the planet right now.

You can argue all you want about whether he’s the best ever. All I know is, he just makes watching football the joy we know it can be.

And so to Saturday…

Like against Dagenham, until Tuesday, we have a wretched record against Cheltenham. For some reason, we don’t seem to be able to get a good result against the Gloucestershire team. Hopefully that’ll change this weekend, as we clear another hurdle towards promotion…with the National Hunt festival, let me be the first to use that particular analogy.

These are great days, we have just two weeks to go before we go to Wembley, yes Wembley. Every time I think of Swindon Town at the moment I can’t help but smile. That’s a little different to last season isn’t it. It was a time to frown then, I always think it feels better to smile don’t you…?

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