Hall of Shame #7: ‘Kingswood’ Home Kit 2007/08

This week 33% of our readers have voted the Kingswood Construction sponsored Lotto home kit from the 2007/08 season to be the seventh entry inducted into our STFC Hall of Shame.

The 2007/08 home shirt beat the yellow & blue away kit from the mid 1980s into second place with 24% and the green potato print away shirt from 1991-93 into third with 19%.

The home kit secured its place in the Hall of Shame thanks to its awful quality and design by manufacturers Lotto, moving away from the all-red shirt with a non-traditional use of six white segments and the sponsor name washed off on most. Given the poor quality of the shirt, fortunately it only lasted for the 2007/08 season.

Adding to the woes of those unfortunates who shelled out the £34.99 for the shirt alone and £63.97 for the whole kit, new sponsors Kingswood Group – who replaced long serving sponsors Nationwide and only signed a five year £100,000 per annum deal in June – failed to pay the money due to the club, leaving Town’s new owner Andrew Fitton and his consortium furious. Rightly, Nick Watkins lamented the previous regime’s knee-jerk attempts to secure a high profile long-term sponsorship deal for the club.

As the Town board axed their sponsorship deal only 8 months after it was signed, this left many fans to consign this kit to the bin…if it wasn’t there already…

Here are some of your comments on why this shirt had to be inducted into the STFC Hall of Shame:

Has to be the Kingswood one. Ugly design, awful quality, terrible sponsor, forgettable season.

I was one of the many who had to return the Kingswood shirt as the logo disintegrated in the wash!!  not cheap either.

…personally I detest the Kingswood one…

The Kingswood shirt was awful, cheaply made and the white “go faster” stripes were just stuck on….nasty.

The Kingswood shirt gets my vote just because of what went on behind the scenes that year.

The Lotto Kingswood shirt must be the worst, cheap template as worn by Ukraine and Serbia at the 2006 World Cup. Cheap looking sponsor, Kingswood and cheap quality, transfer washed off (a blessing maybe). Its a shame this shirt was so awful because the next Lotto shirt was great. Please put it in the Hall Of Shame!

Kingswood with out a shadow…It looked more like a ice-hockey top

From the kits above, got to go for Kingswood, as the kit wasn’t good just like the company, but a special mention for the pink Lotto kit. Got we had some shite Lotto kits !!

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