Hall of Shame Vote: Which is the worst STFC kit?

For our public vote this month, the decision is yours to decide which Swindon Town kit deserves to be condemned to the Hall of Shame. The nominations are…

Kit A – 1981-89 Yellow & Blue away

While Oxford United enjoyed their crook fueled football throughout the mid 1980s Town sought to emulate our neighbours with a yellow and blue away kit. The various Oxford-esque kits were eventually phased down to the 3rd kit for two season from 1989, and fortunately has never been seen since.

Kit B – 1991-93 Green away

This kit was worn by Glenn Hoddle’s successful side, however this potato print green and white away kit still makes my eyes water. It also made an international list of the 20 worst football kits of all time, but does it get your vote..?

Kit C – 1993-95 ‘Brazil’ away

Town moved through the shades of yellow and stopped at that used – at the time – by the Brazilian national team, in a somewhat desperate attempt to dazzle our Premier League opposition. Problem was it didn’t work as Town only picked up two points wearing the kit that season, albeit those points were gained at Liverpool and Arsenal…

Kit D – 1995-97 Home kit

A memorable and unique shirt as worn in our Division Two Championship winning side of 1995/96, however Mizzuno’s design flaw saw the players getting hot under the tight collar and heavy fabric that stuck to you.

Kit E – 1999-00 Home kit

The decline in fortunes in the pitch was matched by this woeful design that just looked and felt cheap. Not only was it too light a shade of red, but the flock print Lotto lettering and Nationwide logo faded and peeled off. The only saving grace was the return of the white shorts.

Kit F – 2003-04 Black & Gold away

Swindon’s partnership with manufacturer Strikeforce yielded many poor kits but this black and gold colour away kit from the 2003/04 season was by far the worst of the bunch.

Kit G – 2007-08 Kingswood home shirt

This shirt was awful quality by Lotto, with a non-traditional use of six white segments and the sponsor name washed off on most. Also Kingswood Construction went bust halfway through the season, forcing the club to cancel their sponsorship deal leaving many fans to consign this kit to the bin.



The poll closes 8pm Thursday 23rd February and your worst STFC kit will be inducted into the Hall of Shame this Saturday, just in time for you to dust it off and wear it at the Accrington game…

**Anyone asking for the white kit in 2009/10 will be reminded that kit wasn’t all that bad and the issue there was the decision to wear it in the first place… Don’t fear as a place is reserved in the HoS for that decision**


  • I reckon I’m on my own with this but I personally loved the black and gold kit. Agree with all the rest though and very glad I’m not old enough to remember that yellow and blue monstrosity but that potato print really was absolutely horrendous and truly deserves it’s place in the hall of shame as far as I’m concerned.


  • I think the worst kit we ever wore was the white (with blue edging), for the play-off final with Millwall. No wonder we lost – we were playing in Millwall colours! At the very least, the blue bits should have been red. Hope we don’t make the same mistake against Chesterfield!


    • You seem to have missed the clarification at the bottom of the article. Don’t fear the 09/10 Wembley white & blue will be inducted… you never know… our circumstances in a few weeks may provide the context to induct the decision to wear that kit…


  • Have to go for the green. Was in Corfu many years ago in a sports bar. Shocked this was up on their wall, so gave them my new red top. They were shocked that we played in red at home and pleased as it match their team Olympiacos not akin to their arch enimies Panathinaikos who play in green!!! Besides it looked awful.


  • Has to be the tight collar shirt!

    We had good memories in that shirt but when i wear it, i nearly pass out from lack of Oxygen to the head. It’s uncomfortable too. I should probably just stop wearing it but it’s so bad, it’s funny. So, it has to make an appearance in the Town End when i feel i have plenty of Oxygen already stored up.


  • i was one of the many who had to return the kingswood shirt as the logo disintegrated in the wash!! not cheap either,,


  • The Kingswood shirt was awful, cheaply made and the white “go faster” stripes were just stuck on….nasty.
    I have a soft spot for the potato print shirt, loved the Premiership away “Brazil” shirt…
    The best ever in my opinion has to be the 1997-99 Mizuno shirt, it had a green collar so didnt show the dirt.


  • i Remember the yellow and blue makes me sick to this day we chose them awful bloody colours


  • I’d go with the egg shell colour away kit, if only because it gave me a sore nipple


  • Totally agree it should be the white one worn against Millwall, should be put in there just for the fact alone that they wore it at the final instead of our ‘colours’ and I remember getting a handjob on the train once back in the day from some dirty hore whilst wearing that yellow one from the premierships days, so I wanna keep that out.


  • I liked the black and gold kit but not a patch on the ones we’ve had with Adidas.


  • I voted kit B. I still have this shirt hanging in the wardrobe; I can’t believe I used to wear it in public!


  • I loved the Brazil one and wear the the long sleeve version in the summer. I also had the black/gold one and gladly wore it down my local particularly when my mates wore their awful ‘Black Arab’ Gas away top. The black/gold looked better (I live in N Bristol/Gas-land). I have not had a hand job in a town top (yet)!


  • The white and green potato print shirt is class as is the Black and Gold one, have you noticed that Nike have tried to make a return to 90’s looking kits in the last few seasons. The first lotto shirt from 99-00 was even O.K.

    Why is the awfull DGI kit of 2002-03 not on this list? This shirt was cheap and nasty and weighed a ton. Was it not the case that after one game (Cheltenham away) that the players complained about the extra weight the shirt carried when wet. I think they designed a better players version after that while still flogging the knitted nylon one in the club shop.

    However from the list above the Lotto Kingswood shirt must be the worst, cheap template as worn by Uktraine and Serbia at the 2006 World Cup. Cheap looking sponsor, Kingswood and cheap quality, transfer washed off (a blessing maybe). Its a shame this shirt was so awful because the next Lotto shirt was great. Please put it in the Hall Of Shame!


    • I agree, as soon as I saw this I thought I’d vote for the DGi kit so was surprised it wasn’t in the list!

      As well as all the things mentioned above it was really itchy so you had to wear a t shirt under it.


  • Where is the DGI kit? Produced by our favourite General Manager, the kits got stuck in customs for a month…and they were heavy when wet. No wonder DGI stood for Dodgy Goods International !!

    From the kits above, got to go for Kingswood, as the kit wasn’t good just like the company, but a special mention for the pink Lotto kit. Got we had some shite Lotto kits !!


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