Vic Morgan Blog: Total Football…

The ramblings of BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan..

Great win wasn’t it…?

At the beginning I feared a drab game, with the wrong result. How wrong I was. Swindon’s performance was excellent.

Despite playing a strong side…not gonna get into the Crawley bashing…they played a brand of attacking disciplined football, which was a delight.

Luke Rooney must have been delighted to get his first at the County Ground. Tremendous follow up to Cibocchi’s sublime free-kick. Billy Bodin’s first at home for the Town was a wonder strike and Paul Benson’s a real poacher’s effort after wonderful work by man of the match Alan McCormack.

It was a great evening.

Of course, those who were there for the ill-fated cup replay last season, will have been extra pleased with the result. And do you know what..? For a circus team, I thought we did pretty well.

As for the other side…? Well what is there to say, apart from six-nil on aggregate.

What does this mean for the Town’s season..?

I’ll bore you once again with what I said after the Macclesfield home win. It is written for the Town to win the title this season. They are playing supremely well, and look fit as a butcher’s dog.

One side also very much in the frame is Torquay United. Martin Ling’s team is also right in the groove, and could be our main rivals. The win for the Gulls at Cheltenham on Tuesday, was a massive indication that they’re bang in form. As they proved on Boxing Day, they’re a side with great potential.

The meeting at the County Ground in March could prove pivotal and also a great football match. It shows that teams in League Two can get out playing the right way, and after all the bally-hoo over handshakes at Old Trafford last weekend, isn’t that refreshing…

I became disillusioned with that level football some time ago. The Premier League has become all about money, and unpleasant spats between players who ought to know better. Sometimes I’ll start watching a game, but then would rather go out into the garden and stand in the rain quite frankly.

The row over racism is disgusting…IT CANNOT BE ALLOWED IN OUR GAME, and especially at a level which millions watch. GET A GRIP on yourselves, and GROW UP, it’s 2012, not 1812.

Anyway proper football Saturday at Hereford.

Keep it loud, keep it proud, keep it SWINDON


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