Vic Morgan Blog: WEM-BER-LEE (AGAIN)

The ramblings of BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan..

Freezing wasn’t it..?

But worth the extra layers and numb toes and fingers.

I set off from Devon at about half past one…no idea why, just had to be there early.

Forgot my gloves, so had to buy some new ones. Went to the club shop to buy a coat, then the chippy. Even went in to the Legends bar to pass some time.

Yes I can remember every detail of the day we reached Wembley for the fifth time.

That’s how it is isn’t it..? Maybe football fans can’t recall some things in life, like remembering to vote, buying birthday and Christmas presents, that kind of thing. But we can remember everything about our match days. Even down to the fact that I’d put odd socks on, yes I was that wound up.

The next problem I have is this… Do I have to go through the same routine every time we play.

Next Tuesday when Crawley come visiting, do I have to pay two pounds ninety nine pence for another pair of gloves…and a bit more for another new coat.

Seriously though, oh I was being serious, it can be a problem. You don’t want to do anything that might hamper your teams chances of winning, even if it’s completely irrational. Why would buying a new pair of gloves get us to Wembley..?

Well I can tell you it did. I take full credit for the win over Barnet…and the new coat just confirmed it.

Before that a blank Saturday.

Despite the clubs best efforts, the game went for a Burton..sorry someone had to do it.

It meant a rather strange day feeling that there was something I should have been doing, but couldn’t work out what it was.

Watched the rugby…didn’t understand that, and some TV programmes off the SkyPlus, that I’d recorded.

Weird isn’t it..? Every Saturday during the winter is taken up with football, there is nothing else that comes close. There’s every chance it’s going to happen again. So more recorded TV, and a rather aimless day wandering around missing that matchday feeling.

One thing I have to get ready for is the Wiltshire “10” at Melksham on Sunday. In a crazy moment I decided to have a go. So I’ve been treading the Devon footpaths in an effort to get fit for the race. I don’t expect to get a call from Lord Coe about the Summer, so just getting round would be good.

I’ll probably be wearing a Swindon, shirt, hat or socks…if you’re there give an old chap a cheer.

So the “Italian Job” didn’t work out for England, the way it has for the Town.

Fabio Capello departs, and we await the presumed crowning of Paolo’s mate ‘Arry.

One things for sure, England are NOT in a very good state.

We’re going into a major championships in a state of disarray. No manager, captain, or presumably backroom staff. Hopefully it’ll get sorted soon. Whatever happens in the Euro’s, we musn’t slate whoever has taken the job.

We’re all guilty of making the England team manager a scapegoat, and that has to stop. We haven’t won anything since 1966, I don’t count “Le Tournoi”, and we’re not a world class side at the moment.

The new boss will need time to build, without feeling on defeat in a friendly will cost him the job.

Still, the Town are at Wembley, and looking great for promotion I LOVE FOOTBALL

Keep it loud, Keep it proud, keep it SWINDON.

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  • Agree about the England manager. We, as a nation need to wake up and realise England is to world football what Fulham are the premiership.


  • Vic we miss you on the radio the twitters at the bbc dont know what their doing


  • Why isn’t Vic on the radio any more? I don’t remember hearing anything about why he’s left. I assume it must be his choice because there is no way the BBC could be so stupid as to try to replace him. If you read this Vic I wish you all the best, you are a fantastic sports broadcaster bettering anybody 5Live or TalkSport have and if your absence is anything to do with your travel expenses I’d happily chip in a fiver a week to hear your dulcet tones again. Good Luck.


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