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It can’t be often you loose and aren’t TOO disappointed about it.

A trip to the east Midlands for an FA Cup Fourth Round tie, saw around 4,000 Town fans shout loud and proud at the King Power.

I’m generally not one who talks about days out in football. A game is there to be won, and anything else comes second. But Saturday was different. Most, if not all, Swindon fans have promotion as their priority, and a win at Wembley in the JPT would also be high up the list. So the FA Cup run is very much a bonus, and so even the most ardent Town supporter would sacrifice that run for the other two competitions.

That’s how it proved.

Our old sparring partner Jermaine Beckford with two goals, ended our interest in the competition.

To be honest, in recent times we’ve lost that interest before Christmas, so nice to still be involved in January. The team gave a great account of themselves, and if Leicester had been reduced to ten men…as they should have been..who knows…?

I would think Simon Ferry still wakes up at night thinking about THAT challenge. Thank goodness it didn’t cause serious injury.

The supporters were wonderful, and there was a great feeling of community on Saturday. Even the trip home wasn’t too downbeat.

I wrote recently that the win over Macclesfield for me was a significant one.

To win late on when you haven’t played well, proved to me that this side WILL win the title. Events on Tuesday night convinced me even more. To go to the home of one of your closest rivals, and do what Swindon did is extraordinary.

A 4-1 win away from home is always excellent, but at a side who were top very recently, is tremendous.

It was also great to see Billy Bodin get his first goal for the Town…Swindon through and through. Dad Paul must have been smiling all night. Maybe there’s a comparison to be drawn with Alan McGloughlin. Alan, like Billy, went off to Torquay on loan when he couldn’t get into the Swindon team on a regular basis. Came back, and went on to be a Swindon Hall of Famer.

Good luck Billy. It was a super result, and a fair wind could see us go top on Saturday.

If we do, I don’t expect us to be removed.

So it’s Burton on Saturday.

A disappointing defeat at the Pirrelli earlier this season. It was in that strange start to the campaign, which saw us drop from top to second bottom in quick order. You might even remember there were rumblings about the manager….how hard is THAT to believe now.

It seems an age ago that we went to Burton, and three more points would give us the perfect lift before the game against Barnet on Tuesday.

It’s a fantastic time to be a Swindon supporter….relish every moment of it, and remember every second, because these times are the best of times.

Just remember this time last year, and the feelings of depression and desolation after every game.

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  • Great not only to discover The Washbag but to read your words again Vic. Always a gent to work with when I was lucky enough to co-com with you. Will be following on Twitter…great support at Leicester I agree..LCFC fans v generous in their praise of how we played. Fell sorry for the guy who interviews Pearson…hypnotic in a sleep therapy kinda way….pass me the mogadon!! On Twitter I am swinfan69


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