Vic Morgan Blog: Festive Greetings

BBC Radio Wiltshire commentator Vic Morgan continues his weekly blog only here on The Washbag.

It was a great start to the Christmas games wasn’t it…?

Morecambe came to the County Ground with a deserved reputation, and on the face of it Swindon were in for a tough afternoon.

Well what a fine afternoon it turned out to be. Goals from Jake Jervis, Rafa De Vita, and Ronan Murray, brought three precious points to Wiltshire.

The result pushed the Town up to fifth in the League Two table, and in great shape going into a busy schedule.

Again the defence was superb, and skipper Paul Caddis gave another inspirational display.

With Liam Ridealgh set to stay at the County Ground for the foreseeable, it augers well for a great second half of the season.

There was also a decent pre Christmas crowd. Clubs must worry at this time of the year. So many things pull on people’s budgets, that it’s difficult to balance the family books. Of course, we have some great matches to look forward too, starting with Torquay on Boxing Day…more on that later…

So it felt pretty good driving back to Devon, and happy with the way things are at the Town. Lovely also to see three of Swindon’s greats  honoured before the match. Don Rogers, John Trollope, and Paul Bodin, the first inductees in the Swindon Hall of Fame.

The rest to be revealed in a special programme on BBC Wiltshire on December the 30th.

Much of the weeks sporting news has been dominated by the racial abuse cases involving Luis Suarez, and John Terry.

I’m not going to get involved in either of those, but surely in 2011 soon to be 2012, it  CANNOT be acceptable to have racism of any kind in football, or any other walk of life.

It seems ludicrous to me that we have a “Kick it Out” campaign, but still have isolated  cases which seem to prove that racism in the game exists.

It CANNOT it MUST not, and we HAVE to stamp it OUT.

Another side of the game I’ve found rather distasteful, is what’s been happening at Blackburn.

It’s not for me to get involved really, but from a distance it appears a club in turmoil. Whatever your view of Steve Kean as  a manager, it seems inhumane to subject a person to the sort of abuse he’s getting at the moment. I’m sure the fans are frustrated and saddened by the teams place at the foot of the Premier Division. However Steve Kean remains dignified throughout, and all credit to him.

So to Swindon’s next game. For me it’s better than a home match. Plainmoor is twenty miles from where I live, so really I have a leisurely morning ahead before heading off to the afternoon kick off. The Gulls have been going well of late, but the wheels came off a bit at Accrington last Saturday. That game also saw the dismissal of Rene Howe, so he’ll miss the match.

Of course, Billy Bodin is also out of the Torquay line up, and looks set to return to the County Ground in January, although Torquay are keen to keep him. Billy’s impressed with his form since arriving on loan in South Devon.

United are managed by ex Swindon midfielder Martin Ling…bit of a legend, and OO Shaun Taylor, what more needs be said of him…

Shaun is a great example of a player who comes out of non-league and has a great career in the professional game. Both Ling and Taylor played for Exeter before going to Swindon, and are well respected at any club they played at.

So it should be quite a game…I’m hoping for a triumvirate of wins over Devon clubs this season…makes my life very bearable living and working in the county.

So seasons greetings to you all…if you aren’t traveling to Plainmoor, join me on BBC Wiltshire…or follow me on Twitter @swindonred.

Keep it loud, keep it proud, Keep it SWINDON.



  • Just can’t feel sorry for Steve Kean. No matter the situation, in regards to Venkys running of the club, he has failed miserably as manager. 5 wins in 38 is it? He should have had the grace to hand in his resignation. Instead he hangs on because he wants to be sacked so he walks away with the nice compensation package. Where’s the credit in that?
    The personal abuse really is no different to what other failed managers have received, including Danny Wilson not that long ago from our fans.


    • Agreed he’s been a failure judging by his results, however Rovers fans’ treatment does seem a tad harsh considering Venkys are the real problem. I suspect Venkys are keen to to keep Kean in the job to act as a human shield protecting the owners from suffering the abuse…

      Its always been my view that no manager should resign. After all they have been given a contract and it is those who installed them who should take the decicive action.

      Why shouldn’t Kean get compensation if he was sacked? I bet you would hold out for compensation if you were sacked from your job if your contract term had yet to expire, you had spent money you were due to recieve under the terms of your contract and had a family to support….


      • I have never been sacked, however having worked in sales I have seen people sacked for failing to deliver the goods. That includes a manager who was in charge at a point the store he took over sat comfortably in the company league table then dropped significantly due to his mis-management of staff. Not a single one of us batted an eyelid because he failed in his role so didn’t deserve to continue.
        If he’d spent money he didn’t have that’s his fault not the companies. The same goes for any football manager. In the vast majority of jobs you get sacked you recieve between 1 and 3 months pay if you’re lucky. Why should it be any different for sports managers?
        in the vast majority


  • I don’t defend nasty abuse of Steve Kean, but Rovers fans are right to feel aggrieved. A year ago when Rovers were doing quite nicely, manager Sam Allardyce was sacked for no reason and the untested and inexperienced Kean was installed. A truly ridiculous move. Then Venky’s run the club from India and rarely set foot in the club. As a result the Rovers chairman resigned and took a number of essential staff with him – even the club doctor. Instead of launching an inquiry into this mess whereby club policy is decided in meetings in India, the football authorities publicly criticise the fans for protesting. I know where my sympathies lie – with the fans for paying out good money in a recession to witness this shambles.


  • I feel for the Blackburn fans and Kean… in a way. Who else have the fans got to vent at, at the club? All the owners are in India! He is their representative and he is also a man in way over his head… Will he resign? Probably not… Why would you after signing a new contract which will land you with a rather tasty pay out following the sack?

    I can’t see him getting sacked either. Blackburn are doomed.

    Anyway… I can feel another 6 points coming before the end of 2011.

    Merry Christmas everyone at The Washbag. It’s been a fantastic read so far this season.


  • Merry Christmas one and all………….here’s to a fantastic 2012 at the County Ground………
    Fabulous write-ups on here Vic – keep it going matey…..cheers all and a Happy New Year to all……….I think it will be………


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