Football Manager 2012: Swindon Town Download

Football Manager 2012 has been released today.

Some of you may know that I’m the Swindon researcher so if you spot any issues with the data then I’d welcome your constructive comments.

In the meantime I’ve noticed several minor issues with the Swindon Town data which I’ve corrected for you in this handy little patch. Also included are various STFC media add-ons.

Follow the instructions below to activate this edit when you start a new game.

Download STFC v 1.1


  1. Extract the .xml file “ STFC v1.1” to the Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\editor data folder in your My Documents (PC) / Documents (MAC) folder. If there is no ‘editor data’ folder then please create one and extract the .xml file into it.
  2. Load FM2012
  3. Click ‘Start A New Game’
  4. In the dialog window that pops up, TICK the change box.
  5. Select the LATEST file ( STFC v1.1) in the list, if it doesn’t appear already.
  6. Then start a new game as normal, selecting FM2012 default database.



  • Leon Clarke is on loan at Chesterfield until December 2011
  • Kevin Amankwaah is no longer with the club and at Burton
  • Ahmed Abdulla is not a striker, amended to be a MC/AMC
  • Lander Gabilondo is not right footed, nor a right winger. Changed to be left footed and a left winger
  • Matt Ritchie right wing position rating is enhanced with PPM ‘cuts inside’ added
  • Medhi Kerrouche has a good left foot and left wing position is added
  • Raffaele De Vita is competent on the left wing with a AML position and a PPM ‘cuts inside’ added
  • Current abilities / reputations for Aden Flint and Jonathan Smith have been increased to reflect their first team football
  • Potential abilities for Aden Flint and Jonathan Smith have been increased
  • Gabildondo contract £3,700 p/w is too high, should be about £1,000 p/w
  • Milan Misun set as non-contract and set as injured
  • Alan McCormack is a competent DC
  • Leigh Bedwell CA and CR will be slightly increased

* Please note that no short term or emergency loans are not data errors (except Clarke as I’ve treated him as an exception)


  • Bolton affiliate has been removed
  • Man City affiliate has been removed
  • Poole Town affiliate has been removed
  • West Ham added as parent club to allow loan players to join
  • Andrew Fitton removed as a Director
  • Kate Cady set to part time physio
  • Dick Mackey removed as physio
  • Paul Godfrey added as club physio


  • Added media source – Swindon Advertiser
  • Added media source – The Washbag
  • Added media source –
  • Added media source – Gazette & Herald
  • Added Gary Rose – Swindon Advertiser
  • Added Ned Payne – Swindon Advertiser
  • Added Vic Morgan – BBC Wiltshire
  • Added Chris Wise – BBC Wiltshire
  • Added Shaun Hodgetts – BBC Wiltshire
  • Added Ron Smith – The Washbag
  • Added Alex Cooke – The Washbag
  • Added Andrew Steele-Davis – The Washbag
  • Added Adam Johnson – The Washbag
  • Added Dan Johnson – Gazzette & Herald

* Please note that journalists do not currently appear correctly and I am investigating a fix this.

Reporting Errors

If you want to report any errors with the Swindon Town data via the comment section below then please:

  1. State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data.
  2. State what you think the data should be.
  3. State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements. Please provide a link to your source (for factual information).

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