Rebranded Swansea City jackets sold by Swindon Town

When you walk out of the club shop with your Swindon Town emblazoned merchandise the last thing you expect is to find a Swansea City badge underneath the STFC crest.

However that’s exactly what STFC supporter Lee Townsend discovered, contacting me in disgust after spending £30 on a new Adidas Black Core Rain Jacket.

Adidas appear to be rebranding Swansea City merchandise and allowing STFC to flog this off to unsuspecting Town supporters at a premium, scoring a massive own goal in the process and insulting their supporters.

You wear your club’s badge with pride. You don’t pay good money to wear the crest of your opposition, let alone be fobbed off with rebranded replica stock.

Apparently this not a one-off with more Swansea badges discovered underneath Swindon rain jacket crests. The below photos show no effort has been made to remove the Swansea crest.

It’s time for the club to refund supporters and get Adidas to make a statement to confirm whether this was a deliberate act or blame an unlikely error…

UPDATE: After this went to press STFC confirmed any supporters who purchased this jacket are entitled to a full refund or exchange.


  • This is just too funny! The thing i don’t quite get though is if they are addidas jackets then they are this years products as Swansea merch was made by Umbro last year. So Swindon take pride that you’re being given brand new swansea city gear and not last years left overs.


    • That is the strange thing about it. It’s not like this is old gear that has been handed down to poor old STFC.

      I can’t find the same jacket on sale with Swansea City so I presume Adidas made a batch or two before the Swansea promotion. Then post Wembley you got the option of better clobber because of being in the Prem, so Adidas had to get rid of the stock. Next best thing was to stick a STFC badge on it and sell it to our fans.


  • Update.

    My friend’s wife just rang up the club shop about his jacket and Swindon are not aware of it! They instantly asked that she bring it to them so that they can see it!

    Wow Adidas. I’ve lost a little love. I’ll let you know when I hear what they say.


  • Obviously Adidas have properly shafted Swindon Town FC then. They must check all stock and withdraw it if necessary.


  • Who cares? It’s still a brand new, unworn jacket manufactured by adidas.


  • we (swansea) didn’t agree the kit deal with addidas untill after the play-offs so i find the the jackets not good enough for us idea a little hard to believe. it is disappointing for you guys though, in all fairness i’d be annoyed too. I am however very supprised that the club shop wasn’t aware of this already and thats the thread that i’d follow up on


    • If you didn’t agree the deal until post Wembley then it makes it even more strange and rules out my previous assumptions.

      I am right in thinking Swansea City don’t have this product on sale to supporters?



    “STFC are aware of a fault with a small number of adidas jackets and have spoken to adidas. Returns and exchange available from the Club Shop”


  • yeah i’m fairly certain that you can’t buy this jacket at the Swansea Clubshop. It is a very bizarre incident to say the least.


  • yeah and you can bet your ass that if noone had noticed thay’d of been more than happy to crack on. I’m betting your club shop knew about it and was hoping they’d make a tidy little profit, no doubt they cost less from addidas than a proper swindon jacket would have. Busted! thats what i think.


  • Probably a printing error, Swansea-Swindon are next to each other in alphabetical order. Someone cocked it up and covered over it haha.


  • you lot should be honoured to have the swans badge on your jackets..stop moaning if anything its increased the value slightly


  • The Swans log is the wrong way round. It should be facing the other way to make the letter S. Hence to looks like Adidas have tried to recycle them.


  • being a swandonian jack ,i want to buy one


  • xwarex – Swansea City did NOT only make a deal with Adidas after the Play Off Final. They have gone on record as saying that this year’s home shirts were ordered as far back as November 2010.

    Andrew Thomas – the badge is shown from the back of the jacket so is facing the opposite direction. It is the correct Swansea City badge.

    What worries me most about this is why are Swansea City fans having to pay 66% more than Swindon fans for the same jacket??????????? Perhaps they7 can pull the Swindon Town badge off and save some money. Swindon fans should sell them on fror £40, and cut out the middle man!!!!


  • The logo pics above look like they are taken from the inside of the jacket so therefore they will appear the wrong way round.


  • Another update. I took my jacket back to the shop and they replaced with another one. I even checked with the light on my phone that there is no Swansea badge under this one. And no, the girl serving me didn’t look happy. But hey, I had to check.

    She even said, “Don’t believe everything you read on twitter.” And looked even more unhappy when I said it was me that noticed it in the first place and made people aware of this.

    The woman said that all stock they have has been checked and they don’t have any more with this problem. So at the moment, only me and my friend are the known people with the Swansea jackets. If you bought one before yesterday (2/9/11) then I’d check it.

    The light coming through is a lot more obvious when shining a light inwards towards the jacket rather than having a light inside of it, which is why I took it that way. You don’t see much doing it the other way.


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