Defeat in Dagenham: Get some perspective

Successive defeats was hardly what we were all expecting having (eventually) put a solid 3 past Crewe on the opening day. Yet a sense of reality and perspective is sorely missing from yet another vocal minority in the post match reactions to our narrow 1-0 defeat at Dagenham & Redbridge. It’s almost like Paul Hart was still in charge…

It’s all well and good getting on the blower, sending your text messages and tweets to BBC Wiltshire saying crap like “I never agreed with appointing Paolo Di Canio, Bodin should’ve got the job” and “well done Paolo Di Canio, non-league here we come” but what use are these overly negative, inane, clueless and hysteric comments really going to make?

Put something constructive into the debate and at least make some suggestions. If you think Paolo should’ve played someone, dropped someone, dragged a kicking and screaming Rockin’ Robin out to replace Phil Smith at half time… then say it!

Get behind the team! Even if the unthinkable and Oxford manage to get one over us this Sunday, still get behind the team!

With three, yes just three games played this season there’s still another 129 points to play for, so we might still be in with a chance of finishing 10th if we’re lucky…

It seems people have a very short memory. Look back to how Swindon started the 1985/86 season under Lou Macari with 7 points from the first 8 games, firmly in the relegation zone and 14 points off the top. And then what did we do..? Oh yea, we found second gear, third, fourth and fifth and blitzed the League finishing with 102 points.

So get real, get a perspective, get behind Paolo Di Canio and your team.


  • Poor display this evening where we were overrun in midfield and didn’t create chances for the strikers.
    Positives – Smith, Kennedy, Flint, Connell
    Negatives – Risser, Mccormack,Richie, Bodin Commazzi

    Team for Sunday s/b Smith, Kennedy/Flint/Devera/Thompson , Smith/Timlin/Ferry/Esajas ,
    Connell/Kerrouche subs Caddis/Risser/De Vita/Gabilondo/Bedwell


  • We have been beaten by a single goal only and matched experienced teams and often dominated. Pdc does It all the right way and it will pay
    off. we’ve a new squad needing to learn to play together and that can only happen with competitive football. We have to be patient the washbag has it dead right . A target man in as Pdc wants then we’ll see the new town emerging.


  • Ferry needs to be given a chance. Use players with proven Div 1 experience like Kevin Amankwaah. Paul Caddis is one of our best players don’t knock him. We should also have a new striker by Sunday.
    Paolo has yet to work out his best eleven.
    Have patience.


  • I think we’re all over estimating Simon, yes he’s a good player but he’s not Messi, he won’t instantly solve everything. I think the main problem has been strikers and service to the strikers, I want Billy to succeed but I think he does need time in the conference to get his feet. Rafa looks like he’s getting into good positions but just doesn’t have the strength, we need an experienced striker to help build confidence in the other strikers and hopefully we will get that.

    Ritchie just hasn’t done it yet, I think if he’s not performed after 45 minutes on Sunday he should be off and someone like Atiku should be given a chance!

    Manks is an odd one I’ve always liked him but where would he go? Caddis is our RB/Wing back and Ritchie/Esajas play on the right wing, Esajas doesn’t deserve to be dropped in both appearances he’s looked dangerous and had the best chances and Ritchie needs a kick up the arse!

    Personally Sunday I’d go

    Smith, Caddis, Devera, Flint, Kennedy (has done nowt wrong), Ritchie, Ferry, Risser, McCormack, Esajas and Connell on his lonesome (unless we’ve signed Clarke by then) I think Ritchie and Esajas then have the ability to support the striker and we have cover if they’re too far up the pitch.

    Pie in the sky really as I don’t see it happening but I think it’d work!


  • Yes that team does look resonable.Second quessing the manager is not easy though.
    I think Paolo is going to drop Kennedy by the sound of it.


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