Has Di Canio yet to play his trump card?

Nearly a week into Swindon Town’s tour of Italy, and there’s a distinct lack of any new permanent signings to add to Comazzi, De Vita, Devera, Smith and Lanzano. Some remain concerned and eager to see the starting XI confirmed, perhaps more in anticipation of sorting out which player’s name and number to have on the back of their new Town shirt.

It’s not as if Paolo Di Canio and Co. are complacent with what is already at their disposal. They’re actively searching and have taken five hopeful trialists under their wings, albeit with mixed results.

First the laughable Leon Knight, a self styled good all-around sportsman who’s living off what remains of his time at Brighton, was rightly given his marching orders after demonstrating fitness levels of a 60 year old 30 a-day smoker. Then on Thursday Christian Cesaretti walked away with his tail between his legs having been told he lack the commitment and desire demanded by Paolo, and rightly so.

Contracts have been offered to both Oliver Risser and Ibrahim Atiku, with one to win for Taijo Teniste, however as of yet no deals are signed and sealed.

Then yesterday, after much fanfare, including a ‘Factfile’ profile by yours truly, we’re now told Hugo Bargas didn’t bother to arrive for his trial, having had second thoughts, probably having only just realised Swindon were no longer a Premier League side…17 years too late.

With all the news of potential missed signings don’t forget Paolo hasn’t yet used his potential trump card, loans.

On joining Town Paolo was quick to point out how he expected to take full advantage of his contacts including Harry Redknapp, staff at AC Milan and the rest to bolster the squad through exciting loan prospects. So there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be expecting some promising youngsters to add depth and hopefully a touch of class to this squad.

Of course I’d rather have the players on our books so we can build a consistent team going forward, however it only takes a loan player with the impact Danny Ward, Gordon Greer or Simon Cox to propel Town to the next level.


  • Has Teniste been offered a deal? I haven’t read anything about that. Hugo Bargas wasn’t going to Italy to start a trial period, he was scheduled to sign and the A.C. Milan link reached a dead end did it not?

    Di Canio is experiencing what most L2 managers have struggled with recently and that’s bringing in their ideal players. I can understand fan fears because we ultimately failed in the transfer market last season.

    The Redknapp link could provide our best hopes loan wise. Redknapp tends to look after his pals so I don’t think we’d end up with a Jamie Slabber, hopefully more a Jermain Defoe from his Bournemouth spell.


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