Lescinel Jean-François: Does he deserve a new deal?

As Lescinel Jean-François seems to divide opinion on Twitter, I thought I’d wade into the argument with a few points on the impact, positive or otherwise of LJF this season. As usual I’ll back up what I say with stats.

Of all the defenders who’ve played more than 5 games this League season the stats are:

Win % Points / Game Mins / Point Conceded Con / Game Mins / Con
Amankwaah 21.05% 0.95 83.67 25 1.32 60.24
Caddis 15.79% 0.76 111.24 61 1.61 52.89
Cuthbert 19.51% 0.88 97.03 60 1.46 58.22
Frampton 8.70% 0.65 132.07 32 1.39 61.91
Jean-Francois 22.22% 0.94 81.59 24 1.33 57.79
Morrison 36.84% 1.37 65.77 33 1.74 51.82
Rose 17.14% 0.77 94.33 54 1.54 47.17
Sheehan 14.29% 0.86 82.17 21 1.00 70.43

So Lescinel Jean-François has the 2nd best win percentage, the 3rd best points per game and minutes per point averages, the 3rd best rate of goals conceded whilst on the field of play, however only the 5th best time on the pitch between goals.

Of all of the central defenders, Jean-François was only beaten by Morrison and certainly on a par, if not better than Cuthbert and Frampton.

In terms of win, lose or draw with and without Jean-François in the team, it is quite marginal with a slightly better chance of winning, however Lescinel has a much better points per game with 0.94 compared to 0.86 points per game without.

With 4 22.20% 5 27.78% 9 50.00%
Without 5 17.80% 9 32.10% 14 50.00%

Of course all players make mistakes and Jean-Francois is no exception, however these stats show Lescinel certainly contributes well to the team overall. If only he could rid himself of those lapses then we’d perhaps have a quality player at our disposal.

The key question is whether Jean-François will sign his new contract? I certainly hope so.

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