No more excuses…action needed!

So is this what us suffering Swindon Town supporters have to look forward towards until the end of the season?

Comments and excuses galore this week from David Prutton and Matt Ritchie just frustrate and anger me.

We, the Swindon supporters, don’t have to be told the obvious like key players haven’t been”replaced”.

They have been replaced, however those players brought in haven’t performed. Of course if better quality players had been brought in then the players bemoaning the quality wouldn’t be playing in the first place!

I just want a Swindon player to forget giving the excuses in their interviews.

No more “we have a good squad so we’re too good to go down”

No more “we are not getting the luck of the draw”

No more bemoaning the decisions of the referee…

No more blaming the board for not overspending and ensuring we actually have a club to support in the future…

No more blaming the lack of atmosphere, when it is the players responsibility to ignite the crowd in what is meant to be entertainment as much as a sport …

Or the quality of the County Ground surface, which in comparison to other League One pitches certainly isn’t one of the worst.

I just want an honest assessment, the game is about scoring goals and then about winning. Neither of which have we been up to scratch at any point this season, or looking likely to resolve in the remaining 4 games.

If you are going to be interviewed just come out and admit:

“We’ve been crap all season. We are paid to perform for each other and the supporters and we’ve let everyone down”.

“If we are to go down, all we can do is get on with it, try to win every game and go down fighting.” 

One comment

  • I totally agree. Shocking to think that the Manager and the Players that have made these excuses actually think paying fans would stomach their shite! Its an insult to anyone that knows very little about the game, that we would just say ‘oh yeh, the pitch must be bad. Oh yeh, ref did’nt give anything’ etc etc. The board share the blame with players and the Manager. I do think Paul Hart has done his best, but sorry that has’nt been good enough. Fitton and co threw him in out of pure desperation hoping he could do what he did at pompey and palace. what now? Well, We need a manager that will build a team to get us out of league two. The board could probably do no better than Mcparland to take it from here and give him the backing he needs. he was treated bad at notts County, we don’t need a big name that will just leave as soon as a struggling championship side starts sniffing if he’s doing ok. Would he be loyal? Who knows these days? but lets be realistic, he’s here now and knows who needs to stay or go. that for me is already a head start for the challange next season.


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