Brighton promoted whilst Swindon look ahead to League Two?

Last night’s results were painful for Swindon Town supporters as yet another game without a win now requires 17 points from only 21 available to ensure we have a realistic chance of avoiding the drop to League Two…judging by our season the odds are clearly against us.

However, at the other end of the table…the top end…remember where we were last season…Brighton’s 1 nil victory at Dagenham mean (according to the infamous Washbag predictions) with 83 points they are now ahead of predicted 3rd place Huddersfield total of 82 points. Brighton are now effectively promoted to the Championship and also need only a point to secure the League One championship title.

Whilst mathematically all the teams down to Rochdale can better Brighton’s 83 point total for the title, that isn’t really going to happen.

So based on continuing league home and away form from the remaining games, Brighton can perhaps start to celebrate a little more as it appears only Southampton have a realistic chance of overtaking them in the race for 1st place.

More predictions...for what they're worth...

P Points Req = Predicted points required to level with team predicted to finish 20th and potentially avoid relegation

P Req P/G = Points required per game to level with 20th placed team

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