Winnable games…they’re ALL winnable!

I’m still coming to terms to Swindon Town defender Scott Cuthbert’s bizarre comment to the Swindon Advertiser:

“We are confident that if we put the performance in every week then we won’t be in the bottom four and that has got to be our aim.

“When it comes to the end of the month we have eight games that we feel are winnable and the most important thing is that we win them.”

Utter rubbish from the Town defender, why target the 8 remaining games? We have 9 left and need to take all the points we can.

Who says we can’t take Brighton’s unbeaten home record?

No wonder we’re in this mess if they’ve been going into matches with this approach…

Tell me what’s the point of competitive professional football if you only want to target certain games for a win, when all games are winnable, it’s what your paid for…to perform.

Is he trying to tell us this has been the plan for several months…let’s not win again after the Charlton victory and then pull it out of the bag with 8 wins in 8 at the end…?

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