Paul Hart talks sense…get the ball down and play

Speaking to STFCPlayer today, new Swindon Town manager Paul Hart was asked what sort of team can Town fans expect to see under his management.

As far as I’m concerned, Hart has immediately hit the nail on the head with a key reason why we’ve underperformed this season with his response:

“Hopefully what I’ve tried to produce elsewhere… a side that plays football and looks like they are enjoying themselves.

This is a tricky situation, but looking at the make up of the playing staff it would be foolish to think that we could just launch the ball all over the place and get results.

[As] it’s not what they [the players] want and it’s not what their strengths are.”

Too many times this season I haven’t seen Wilson discourage the long ball. Town players have ever been instructed or resorted to aimless and poorly struck balls, rather being encouraged to play it to feet or make forward runs with the ball.

One player this approach hasn’t helped is Thomas Dossevi. Following the Rochdale game a few weeks ago I commented:

“Part of the issue with Dossevi is his inability to adapt to the English game and the hit it long style of play we’ve resorted to for most of this campaign. He prefers it played to feet and will look to turn and quickly pass. He doesn’t stand a chance with the long balls, often with too much pace and inaccuracy, pumped up to the forwards.”

So I’m relieved the squad have apparently let this issue with Wilson’s approach be known to Paul Hart from the off, and fortunately for them and us, the change to get it down and play perfectly fits his vision.

Hopefully this change in approach will also get Simon Ferry back into the team on a permanent basis to reform his partnership with Douglas, assist the forwards and might even rekindle some of JP McGovern’s excellent form we witnessed last season.

Whether or not all this talk translates to the County Ground pitch on Saturday in the crucial relegation six pointer we’ll have to wait and see…

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