You can’t buy experience…

“We tried, but you can’t buy experience” was the cry from Andrew Fitton in the pre match comment, that was reiterated in Danny Wilson’s interview after our dreadful 3-0 defeat at Leyton Orient.

This was in relation to Town’s vain attempts throughout the transfer window to remedy our deficiencies in defence, and continued problems upfront, by bringing in seasoned pros. The problem was no-one was, or still is, available, so the youthful winter recruits are now presented to us as “building for next season”, a season likely to start at Northampton, not Southampton.

Considering expereince couldn’t be brought into bolster the squad, why leave out key experienced players already at the club from the starting eleven in the Rochdale and Leyton Orient games?

Isolated.... even the water bottle doesn't want to be near Wilson

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for youth and have previously questioned why bother to give contracts to Evans and Bodin if they don’t even feature in a bit-part role, but to leave out Cuthbert, Ferry, Sheehan, Prutton and McGovern, Wilson has gone mad.

Whilst all these five would probably agree they’ve underperformed at times this season, their experience is vital to our fight to avoid the drop.

Take Ferry, as part of a midfield pair with Douglas last season the balance worked perfectly. Yet he hasn’t had enough run of games to make an impact this year. So why bother spending all that cash on him back in the Summer?

Cuthbert will be another that will be off in the Summer if he doesn’t feature in the first team. The Scot should be given time to build a central partnership with Frampton, yet he’s been dropped in favour of the inexperienced Aden Flint.

Surely Wilson realises we need a settled, confident and balanced unit, soundly based on experience, so why all this chopping and changing, and omitting experienced players from the team when bemoaning insufficient experience to bring in?

Wilson, your actions are harming the team. How can they be expected to go out onto the pitch full of confidence to concentrate on the job and work together as a unit?


Has someone farted? - More guff from Wilson in his post match interview


  • This article hits the nail right on the head. Why are we playing a youngster from Alfreton when Scott Cuthbert was one of our best players last season alongside Greer. Douglas & Ferry were superb in the middle of midfield last season, but haven’t had a chance this season. Good players don’t become bad ones overnight!


    • Thanks for your comment John.

      Given that Cuthbert has been an unused substitute for the past 2 games and Ferry hasn’t featured following being replaced in the Bristol Rovers game, it’s looking more and more possible that these two have reacted and fallen out with Wilson. It’ll be interesting whether these two start at Colchester?


  • Having experience in the team alone is not enough. There also has to be a desire and will to win, something that has not been shown this season by all players mentioned. Take Ferry, he was very ineffective against Bristol Rovers, where for long periods of time, play would pass him by; but instead of getting stuck in and helping the team with sheer effort, he let his man slip without backtracking too often and in some cases even dropping a gear after having been overrun in the build up to one of their goals.

    Given that Douglas is a certain starter when fit and available, Ferry would then take the place of Timlin, which based on his display in the last few games would be unfair to him. I would not mind seeing either Timlin or Ferry as long as there’s aggression, desire and a will to win.

    Cuthbert had a great partnership last year with Greer, but this year has been struggling with finsing that form and made a few costly errors. Wilson did mention this lack of confidence and leaving him out for a few games. I don’t think Flint has done that bad and I would not mind seeing either of them there. The experience is needed up front, someone who can receive a ball hold play up and distribute it to continue the attack – a role that Paynter played so well last year besides knocking in loads of goals. This year, neither Pericard – lack of technique/skills – nor Dossevi – too short, too light and too many errors – have been able to do this.

    I hope Danny keeps picking a team that is willing to work very very hard because that’s what’s needed to grind out wins from now on.

    On a different note, Plymouth is in the news every time another important date looms. What are the permutations on what could happen with them if continuing to miss player’s wages, future HMRC bills etc. Let’s be clear, I do not wish Plymouth any harm, but would like to know any ramifications and impacts on the bottom of the league if something were to happen.


    • Your final point regarding Plymouth. If they were to go into administration before the last Friday in March they would face a 10 point penalty to their points tally this season. After that date they would also receive a punishment for the 2011/2012 season.

      Remember last season with talk about Crystal Palace potentially going out of business, well I wrote an article on the potential ramifications that you might be interested in reading –


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