Benyon spares Wilson’s blushes with late equaliser

What a difference a goal makes?

Perhaps not given the widespread reaction to Town’s 1-1 draw at home to Rochdale, a match that saw neither side ‘deserve’ the victory.

“WILSON OUT!” remained the text and email of choice of the many who contacted BBC Wiltshire post match. However, Wilson confirmed he has no intentions to walk as he “has a job to finish”.

The late injury time equaliser by débutante Eliot Benyon, the first début goal by a Robin since Ben Joyce in April 2008, was enough in my eyes to not join those voicing that opinion of Wilson’s future. But serious doubts remain whether the team can secure any sort of form in the final 17 games to steer clear of relegation to League Two.


Even if Town had surrendered our unbeaten record against Rochdale (in all competitions), would sacking Wilson really achieve anything positive and was this a decision that Fitton would make in any case?

What we have is a problem created by the players available. This started after the was heart ripped out of the squad at the end of last season with Paynter, Greer and Ward not being adequately replaced.

Now the transfer window has closed this problem can’t really be properly resolved, where a new manager would also have his hands tied.

We’re in the middle of a rebuilding operation with an unsettled first eleven. Whether Wilson’s five January signings, plus Jonathan Obika to arrive on Wednesday, make any positive step in the right direction, we will only find out after the next 3 to 4 games.

So in this sense Wilson has to be given further time.

There are a few things I feel Wilson could address change to improve our chances.

It goes without saying that Jonathan Douglas is a crucial player in his withdrawn playmaker role. So often, perhaps too often, the Town players are looking to pass to Douglas instead of pushing forward.

However, our opposition have found us out, constantly and quickly closing down on Douglas, thereby restricting this area of play. The end result, we’re not creating enough chances and we frequently lose possession in an area where we are in danger of a swift counter.

Whilst Timlin has performed so well this season, especially after being sent out on loan, Simon Ferry is surely the better option in the middle with Douglas. This will help to provide a second creative outlet as well as concentrating on improving our breaks down the flanks.

Dossevi has become the new Pericard judging by some of the reactions of the crowd on Saturday. Despite his efforts, he hasn’t had the best of games recently and hasn’t shown any consistency this season.

Part of the issue with Dossevi is his inability to adapt to the English game and the hit it long style of play we’ve resorted to for most of this campaign. He prefers it played to feet and will look to turn and quickly pass. He doesn’t stand a chance with the long balls, often with too much pace and inaccuracy, pumped up to the forwards.

With the soon to be arriving Obika, perhaps there is an opportunity to move Dossevi out to the right wing, a position he played for some time in France, to use his tricks to make us more a threat down the right.

Given Wilson’s tinkering I expect further changes at Leyton Orient midweek. Will Cuthbert return? Will the same right backs start? Who will line-up in Midfield?

If it was up to you, what changes would you like to see?

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