Sean Morrison set to join Reading


I’m surprised we’re talking about Morrison leaving Swindon Town before Austin flies the Robin’s nest…

Today Town confirmed reports that Reading’s £250,000 offer for the 20 year old central defender has been accepted, as this met a release clause insisted by Morrison when he last renewed terms.

Chairman Andrew Fitton said to the Adver:

“I expect he (Morrison) will become a Reading player after the weekend, I’m very sorry to lose him and I think it is not necessarily the right move at this time. He may have been better off here until the end of the season. (Whether he’s played his last game for Swindon) is a matter between manager and player.

Sean has a release clause in his contract. He is the only member of the squad who has one, and I am not in favour of them. The release clause was put in because he didn’t want to sign a new contract and he signed his current contract on the basis that it was there.”

For what it’s worth I think this is isn’t a bad deal for Town. Sean’s contract was up at the end of the season and another £250,000 (after Greer and Henshall) in our coffers must be used to strengthen the squad.

Sean is a very promising player and unlike previous defensive prospects Leigh Mills and Ben Tozer, who both took the bait and left (too quickly) to pastures new, Morrison has certainly given his all and put in 59 appearances and scored 7 goals in all competitions in his four seasons at The County Ground.

Whilst I’m disappointed his loyalty was never with the club long term, but then how many players actually stick around for more then a few seasons anyway, he’s certainly given us much, whilst clearly developing as a commanding centre back.

Of course Sean has put in several great performances this season, however he hasn’t be able to solve our defensive crisis. Indeed, he’s frequently shown his age and contributed a few clangers himself.

So where we are right now, whilst in a perfect world I’d rather keep Morrison, we sorely need experience at the back, another Greer maybe. This has been the case for a while now…

January has been slow so far for new signings. It’s true that they mostly arrive towards the end of the month, however as every match goes by we’re going to keep losing points. I’m still waiting for a new defender and a striking partner for Charlie…


  • Devestating news, but iw was inevitable the day Mr Byrne – now he has his payday.
    And to Reading our historically inferior rivals !!!!


  • Not sure if the amount mentioned is the amount that he will leave for, but whatever the amount, my thoughts on it are somewhat mixed.
    He is still relatively young and still learning in this position but shown some maturity for his age.
    One one hand he can play games where the attacker does not get a looking in the air, but where simple errors attribute to a goal against. Whilst not the quickest, we may also miss his goals from set pieces.
    If I would have to pick for one of Sean and Scott to leave – I would not be able to come up with the answer straight away as it would very much depends who would play next to him.
    Either way, all the best to him.


  • Good money for us.

    Morrison was decent but always prone to being picked apart by clever tricky strikers, not to mention anyone with a bit of pace.

    Time will tell but despite showing potential, he could just be the new Matt Heywood.

    In the meantime his fee is similar to what we ultimately paid for Cuthbert, who is fast, strong and rarely loses a battle. Lets have another one of those please, boss.


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