In defence of Vincent Pericard…

As readers would know by now, like most, I’ve hardly been enthralled by the performances of Vincent Pericard since joining Town back in January. However the widespread lack of support, moaning and booing throughout recent matches is getting a bit tired and is unlikely to be doing anything positive for his confidence.

Even after Wilson made public his views of the vocal criticism Vincent received during the Sheffield Wednesday game, the during match complaints persist.


The truth is that he can never win. If you were to put pretty much any other striker upfront with Charlie Austin and they’d be beaten by Charlie’s work rate, teamwork, desire and natural ability. He’s got big boots to fill in replacing Billy Paynter, so Vincent is always going to come off worse in these aspects and people turn up and expect this, but continue to complain.


The real problem I’ve been having of late is why those who’ve been verbal at games in their criticism of Pericard restrict their tirade at him alone?

Obviously they consider the verbal abuse acceptable and positive to the team so why not boo Charlie Austin and David Prutton or others for their mistakes?

Apart from the calmness to slot home the penalty against Peterborough yesterday, on how many occasions did Charlie Austin disappoint with his finishing by shooting wide or directly at Joe Lewis when odds on to score?

David Prutton lost possession in midfield to George Boyd resulting in Peterborough taking the lead, where where the calls for his substitution?

The sooner these people realise their actions aren’t supporting the team the better.


  • Can’t agree, apart from the plea to not boo our own players. He is slow, his heading ability is poor and on the occasions that he does hold the ball up and lay it back to a colleague he does not look for the return or run into a space. I think Sean Morrison has greater abilities as a forward than Vincent. No club has ever wanted to keep him (except possibly Carlisle) the sooner he moves on the better.


  • Your right, I’m not praising Vincent and indeed I also share your view about his ability, or lack of it. I would prefer to see Dossevi (who also has his own faults) forge a partnership with Charlie as our best forward line option.

    All I’m trying to suggest is that his treatment during the match is getting ridiculous.


  • i personally think that no player should be booed during the game , i no this might contradick myself but if you boo them at half time then maybe they will buck their ideas up but like if they do get booed then maybe its just not their fault , its a team game they should fight togther and get booed togther.
    But overall i think charlie was unlucky out there , i think personally caddis offers more on the right wing than he does in deffence, frampton in the first have looked very shaky but came good in the second half with some good tackles , cuthbert was solid as always . sheean got forward as much as possible but was sometimes out of postion due to going to far forward ritchie was quiet dossevi and obrein offered very little when they came on jpm is not the same player as last year. smith had a solid game and i think he dereves the number one atm


  • Vince had big boots too fill since the departure of Billy Painter. In this, Vince will never be as effective as Billy was, as he misses the speed and the technical ability to pass people and create chances for himself or others.
    As such, he is limited to act as the individual high up the field acting as the person to hold up the ball and link up with others.

    But in doing so, Vince has 3 issues to content with:

    1/ His confidence took a big knock at the start due to the time it took for his 1st goal; ever since goals have been at a premium
    2/ Vince’s heading abilities are not as good as some of his colleagues such as Douglas or Austin (but not as bad as the improving Ferry).
    3/ He switches off after he/we lost the ball instead of trying to recapture the ball with verve and aggression like others do.

    He has been receiving unfair treatment from the crowd; I do shake my head when watching him miss a tap in, or misplacing a pass, but do so with every player. Jeering or complaining will not help the cause.
    Vince has some strengths and some weaknesses like every player has and in the end it’s Danny who decides on the team. But we are limited by the quality we have available in each of the positions. People should take this into consideration before boo-ing their own team; and rather offer their support to the entire team; football is still a team sport.

    What I cannot accept though is the seemingly lack of aggression some players display from time. I can mention several. This week the first half was marred with bad and lax marking and being second to the ball. This changed the second half. But when others are running themselves into the ground and chasing every ball (like Charlie does, Revell did and Painter was made to do as a result last year) the crowd expects everyone else to do the same. Vince, O’Brien and others from time to time appear not to be willing to show this willingness to chase each ball. When then a pass goes amiss or a header is missed, the crowd gets on their backs. Unfortunate, as I rather would see people not boo-ing, but instead applauding and cheering when members of the team do display this.
    Keep in mind, Charlie had at least 3 good chances, I did not hear anyone boo him, but instead cheering him, applauding and calling his name. Not everyone is as gifted as he is in the team; people should understand this and support the entire team.


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