At Last… The First League Win of the Season!


I never doubted our ability to eventually deliver and we certainly deserved the 3 points against a rudderless Southampton, whose arrogant and deluded management and fans need to realise they are a League One club.

It was a tight affair with possession 49/51 in favour of Southampton. Chances were limited with an equal amount of shots on and off target. It was only in the number of fouls that Southampton had an unassailable lead.

It was my first chance to see Town line-up in the new look 4-3-1-2 formation. A tactic offering true flexibility to fit all strategies. McGovern was free to roam behind the front two and often found himself on either wing. Later it offered a swift defensive switch to a 4-1-3-2 with Douglas holding and a flat 3 in-front. Also it allowed a change to a central diamond when desired. As a result Southampton found it hard to play through the narrow midfield and resorted to dreadful long balls which were easy for Morrison and Cuthbert.

With Town playing so much positive wide wing-play throughout last season it was difficult to get accustomed to the lack of width. But I’m more than willing to sacrifice this for a midfield that worked together and has found a natural role for Prutton with Douglas, Ferry and McGovern. Prutton has been lost in a 2 man midfield and hasn’t worked well with a similar player in Douglas. Now he’s been allowed to push higher up the pitch and certainly was a more positive and attacking effort from the former England u21 man who’s indecision has cost us dear on many an occasion so far.

After such a mediocre start to the season, I couldn’t be more impressed with Wilson’s response to significantly alter our system and play to our strengths that was first  implemented in the Southampton Johnstone’s Paint Trophy victory.

Following our poor start and also the  changes to the look and style of the team, it was perhaps inevitable that some…and I emphasise the minority of  Town fans, were frustrated at what they were witnessing before we took the lead.

At the hour mark, when a lively Pericard was replaced with Dossevi and a wandering Callum Kennedy replaced by Jean-Francois, Danny Wilson didn’t deserve the verbal tirade he received from 2 lone voices in the Arkells Stand. These isolated voices abused Wilson for these decisions and were rather pointless attempts to call for an immediate end to Wilson’s tenure at STFC. Needless to say this didn’t go down to well in the stands.

Why do some idiots insist on making these  absurd comments. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what use does this serve with 30 minutes to play and the team evidently improving? Also the decisions to bring the players off were correct.

Later when Austin was injured one of the same fickle fans, still evidently pissed off with Pericard being replaced, shouted “who are you going to bring on now then Wilson!?”…. well if you’ve been paying any attention the answer was simple and sitting right in-front of you in the dugout.. David Ball.

So in all this was an excellent win which takes us from the bottom to mid table. How things can change…

In terms of Charlie Austin’s injury… that deserves it’s own post to look at where this leaves us.

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