Pericard’s promise

“Hopefully by the end of the season I can have 15 goals to my name. There is competition for places here but I am looking forward to getting started.”

So with 24 league games remaining this campaign, does Pericard set himself an achievable target? Lets look at the evidence of his league performances.

– St Etienne 2 apps and 0 goals
– Juventus 0 apps and 0 goals
– Portsmouth 44 apps and 9 goals (including 0 goals in 12 apps between 2003 and 2006)
– Sheffield United 11 apps and 2 goals
– Plymouth Argyle 15 apps and 4 goals
– Stoke City 38 apps and 2 goals
– Carlisle United 10 apps and 4 goals.

In total 120 apps and 21 goals is a 17% hit rate, which taking into account some injury hit periods and four month prison sentence this still isn’t that impressive for a once promising striker.

So 15 goals in 24 games, is this achievable? Perhaps not given his history, although if he does achieve that target, I and Town fans will hardly complain and there is certainly no harm in trying. I’m more concerned about the balance of our strikers, potentially leading to the break-up of the Austin and Paynter partnership which has served us so well since November. However if reports in the Times are to be believed, Paynter may be off soon anyway with reports of a new contract being ‘rejected’.

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