Pericard signs and why we need to seriously reconsider squad numbers

Vincent Pericard, the former Juventus, Portsmouth and Stoke striker has eventually joined Town on a free transfer after being released by Carlisle United at the start of the month. He signs a contract until June 2011.

Frustratingly he has been given squad number 5, a number traditionally reserved for a central defender and last taken by Jerel Ifil. Why can’t No.5 have been assigned to Morrison or to a future defensive signing, but to give this to a striker drives makes me despair. With Hutchinson, our current and most ineffectual No.9, hopefully retuning to parent club Celtic at the end of the month, perhaps Pericard should have taken this number….or perhaps Wilson has eyes on ensuring Austin gets the No.9 next season?

Pericard says in this interview that he was offered No.27 and “that just didn’t sound right” so he chose the No.5. Well then Vincent..another way to look at No.27 is 2+7 = 9. So can you understand why this would have been better than playing as a No.5??

I have never been in favour of squad numbers and would much prefer the 1 to 11 system with No.13 as the sub goalie retained. I for one have never got my Town shirt emblazoned with a number and / or name on the back. Remember those fans who got Ince on the back of their shirts back in 2006 only for the Governor to play 3 games and head back to the North West?

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