Vic Morgan: It’s never over until it’s over

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

I have a picture on my wall. It’s a collage of photos from a season not too long ago. You know the one. Swindon were League Two champions and all seemed well.

I remember writing in this blog at the time to make the most of those moments because they don’t come around too often and the footballing pendulum can easily swing the other way. You’ll recall that title win I’ve no doubt. We were led at the time by a pied piper of an Italian and every Town fan had a smile on his or her face.

As we now know, football is a fickle mistress. Here we are once again facing life in that same League Two and without too much in the way of optimism. The final game was a strange affair with the feeling that whatever happened didn’t matter. We could have won five nil, but who cared. We were down, the large female had sung and all we wanted was this dismal 2016/17 campaign to end. Thank goodness it has.

It’s fair to say the curtain came down at the Valley with a great deal frustration, annoyance and downright sadness among the five hundred or so who made the trip to Big Smoke. Why has this happened? Why are we back were we came from just a few short years ago? How has a club gone from optimism to pessimism in half a decade?

Remember, five years ago we were backed by an owner who bankrolled our rise by allowing players to be brought to the club who were clearly better than the league we were playing in. Great at the time. Once however, that owner has had enough of throwing his money at it then times change.

My how they’ve changed. No longer are we a club that can afford high wages or players who’re better than the standard we’re in and there’s no doubt the books have to balance. In truth, to use a phrase well know in politics, it’s a time of austerity.

I know there’s a group of people who want the owner to leave and a new one come in. Of course I understand their feelings and they’re made deeper by the fact that silence is what we hear from the club most of the time. What I would say is this. That would only work if we had someone willing to take Swindon Town on.

At the moment we have little to offer. Why would a prospective purchaser take over? Many times I’ve written that the fans need a definitive statement about the future and where we’re headed. That need is very great now.

It’s going to be a long summer we need to know that next season won’t be a repeat of the last. Nothing is guaranteed of course and for those of us who suffer from an addiction called Swindon Town, we’ll suffer as well as celebrate. For now I’ll look at that picture on the wall and remember one of those rare moments, for they are rare, of celebration.

Have a great summer, we deserve a break.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

One comment

  • Frank La Touche

    Thanks Vic, – as always, realistic thinking rather than fantasy football… Keep up the good work next season please…


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