STFC Player of the Month Result: September

Our Index calculates the Swindon Town Player of the Month by assessing the key statistics from all league and cup matches. The September result is in…

2013.09 Player of the Month - September

September has been a strange month for Town with no outstanding and consistent performer in the games against MK Dons, Wolves, Bristol City, Chelsea and Preston.

Normally strong performer Wes Foderingham doesn’t finish in the monthly top three for the first time since I can remember, mainly due to that run of five games including no clean sheets and nine goals conceded. The remainder of the defence has equally suffered with points deductions for the goals conceded, plus a rash of yellow cards for Nathan Thompson and an awful own goal for Jay McEveley have pushed both down the monthly score.

The top three of Massimo Luongo, Dany N’Guessan and Nicky Ajose are all tied on 16 points.

Massimo Luongo was ever-present in September except for a late substitution off against MK Dons. The midfielder joined permanently for a reported £400,000 fee on deadline day, however he hasn’t repeated his early season goalscoring form. The Australian continues to contribute through assists, notably against Bristol City and Preston.

Dany N’Guessan signed on 2nd September and has appeared in all five games, scoring twice in matches at Wolves and Preston. The former MIllwall forward has found himself first in an attacking role as a wide-man in a 4-3-3 / 4-5-1, before stepping into Nile Rangers’ boots at Preston. At Deepdale N’Guessan stayed on the pitch after suffering injury with Town having used three subs, before scoring a late consolation.

Loan signing NIck Ajose scored twice against Bristol City to cap a solid month in which the lively forward could’ve more than doubled those figures.

Agree or disagree with the statistics..? Who receives your for Player of the Month nomination?

How it works…

Swindon Town players receive a score based on their performance in all league and cup fixtures based upon the statistics collated by the Press Association and published by BBC Sport. The format of the scoring is very similar to that used in the Fantasy Premier League, with some exceptions.

  • For playing up to 60 minutes = 1 point
  • For playing 60 minutes or more = 2 points
  • For each goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender = 6 points
  • For each goal scored by a midfielder = 5 points
  • For each goal scored by a forward = 4 points
  • For each hat trick scored = 3 points
  • For each goal assist = 3 points
  • For a clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender = 4 points
  • For a clean sheet by a midfielder = 1 point
  • For every 3 shot saves by a goalkeeper = 1 point
  • For each penalty save = 5 points
  • For each substitute appearance having a positive impact on the final result = 2 points
  • For each substitute appearance having a negative impact on the final result = minus 2 points
  • For each penalty miss = minus 2 points
  • For every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender = minus 1 point
  • For each yellow card = minus 1 point
  • For each red card = minus 3 points
  • For each own goal = minus 2 points


  • How does el gabbas end up with 5 points after 3 brief sub appearances totalling less than 20 minutes or so, only 1 of which saw him really contribute much? I know the defence has been poor but for him to be level with Darren ward and above rest of back 4 seems a bit strange.


    • As you say, its purely down to his sub appearances and impact as a sub. As I reflected, the defence has really suffered this month with the goals conceded and no clean sheets, which are ultimately the measure of the defence


  • This is a very strange system which leaves (surely) the player of the month/season so far, Yaser Kasim, in 8th place behind people like Mason and Pritchard who have missed games….it is heavily weighted around goal scoring (at either end) which leaves defensive midfielders completely out of it.


  • What about pass completion percentage points. Eg. 1 point for over 70% 2 for over 80%


    • Yes, good idea and one which we would use, but nobody provides pass completion statistics for League One.


      • A defensive midfielder’s rankings could also include clean sheets – they are after all part of the defence.

        I would agree that, as Jonathan Wilson often says, goals are over-rated, especially in this system. Simple metrics don’t always work well in football, except for goalkeepers and penalties.


  • Bit of a quandry, for you as the best player in the side is not getting the recognition he fully deserves, how about mega points for internation call ups!


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