What would you do with Paul Caddis?

The Swindon Town’s defender has claimed that chairman Jed McCory is blocking a loan move to Millwall or Birmingham, but what would you do with the ex-Celtic man? Alex Cooke asks.

He was once a Swindon’s captain, a crucial part of a championship-winning team and, crucially, TheWashbag’s nomination for player of the season, but now Paul Caddis is unwanted, unplayed and, according to some, overpaid.

But what should the club do with him? Sell him, swap him, play him? What would be best for the team, Caddis himself, and manager Mark Cooper? Tell us which you’d do, and why, in the comment box below.

Send him out on loan
Chairman Jed McCory seems to be against it, but at least it would get Caddis off the bench and a proportion of his wages off the bill. Should Swindon just accept what they can get?

Sell him
So far only Blackpool have been interested in taking Caddis permanently but wages seemed to prove a problem. Should Town lower their fees, or Caddis lower his demands?

Pay him off
Town don’t seem in the business of paying off players any more but is it worth just being rid of a disruptive influence?

Play him
Caddis has proven himself to be a very good football, able to play in the Championship, so why not get something out of him? Even if there is the potential for injury or even putting scouts off with bad performances while he is ‘in the shop window’?

Let him rot
Should Swindon say that Caddis has to just sit and rot in the reserves? Could his wages not be better used elsewhere in the squad? Perhaps on a striker or defensive cover?

What would you do? Any of these, or something else? Tell us below.


  • I can’t see any club paying a fee for him now. I think both parties realise that when the window closes, a loan to a club till the end of the season, plus taking over his wages will be the outcome. Whether Swindon have to pay a proportion of that till the end of his contract is another matter.
    Signing permanent contract players for Swindon becomes a problem of course after the window shut.
    Expect any incoming players to mirror the Caddis situation, the player coming in on loan with a view to a permanent move at the end of the season.



  • Get rid! This is just his agent trying to make the club look bad


  • Get him and Jed to sit down and thrash out an agreement whereby he plays for us for less monay. Ward did it. Tell him he’ll get championship football next year


  • Aree with morty if he wants to play for us ask him to take a pay cut and if we go up give him a bonus as a thank you. what a waste of a very good experinced player we have. play him mr power.


  • A bad situation all round for the club but people have to remember caddis was offered the money he’s on from the club. It ain’t his fault he’s on the money he is and y should he take a pay cut? He didn’t hold a gum to pdc head and say pay me this amount


  • If he dropped his appearance bonus and just took home the bags and bags of cash he would probably find town will play him, although refusing to come and help out in last season’s play offs made the rod for his own back!!


  • Could we play him? Is he match fit?

    The disappointing thing with Caddis is that PDC’s actions and his loan to Birmingham (a club in financial crisis) ensured that a player which then had a decent period of contract remaining and would’ve yielded a very decent fee is worthless.


  • Sell, swop or play, not a loan. Club playing it right as feel sure a proper bid will be received in the next week. Without knowing the numbers it is difficult to say whether he should be playing, but I want him in the team.


  • PDC fall out….shame….but he has turned moves down for whatever reason….

    If you are in a well paid job that you hate and turned down offers from other employers because it doesn’t tick all the boxes then that’s your tough tits……just get on with it and stop moaning…


  • more than disappointing,lee power doesn’t like paul,i think paul shud just tell us the fans wot the situation is,we are still paying him whether he or his agent likes!BUT PLEASE REMEMBER ANDREW BLACK LEFT US WITH NO DEBT,SO JEDWARD CULLING STAFF IS JUST THAT,THEY NOW PAY WAGES!,AND WE KNOW HE N MURRALL AINT GOT A POT TO PISS IN!


  • Elocution lessons, I’d send him for elocution lessons.
    When someone from abroad seeks work in this country, they are expected to talk the local lingo; I know I was and I originally come from a place less than 100 miles from where he originates.

    In all seriousness – without knowing the content of his contract – I think Swindon missed a trick. They should have put him in the shop window by making him first choice RB at the start of the season. It would have allowed scouts/managers to see his potential first hand and with it increasing the probability of him moving on. Also Swindon would then have had additional bargaining power – to maximise the return for STFC – as he would be an active first team player rather than someone not part of the squad.


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