3 Today! Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday dear TheWashbag.com, happy birthday to us…

TheWashbag.com all started three years ago today. The 14th January 2010 was the date of the opening article on the mouthful-titled domain ‘fraserdigbyswashbag.wordpress.com’ with a rather pointless post speculating about Lee Peacock’s likely move away from the County Ground.


What was meant to only be a personal blog, started as a means to rant about supporting Swindon Town and to test my dyslexic inhibited writing in a public forum, has evolved into something I’m truly proud of.

For all of our readership, including notable mentions to my Dad and Iain who’ve been reading from the start, I can’t believe The Washbag has made it into a fourth year. Especially considering the standard of some of my original, rather ranty commentary on life watching Swindon Town and moans aplenty about such ‘hot topics’ as Vincent Pericard taking the no.5 shirt number, whether Billy Paynter would sign a s new contract and a passioned defence for the qualities of Kevin Amankwaah.

Back in the early days, while I was struggled to find my voice for the site, little did I know I’d be siting down to: chat about Town on a podcast – which is a credit to Chris’ organisation and presenting; meeting and interviewing inspiration for the website, Fraser Digby and being given this picture of his washbag; and being told that Paolo Di Canio once turned up at a STFC press conference clutching a print out of one of our analysis articles to use it prove a point.

Fraser & his washbag

Of everything so far, my proudest achievement remains the ‘Managers Countdown‘, which was meant to last a single month, but turned into an epic feat of research, analysis and thousands of words throughout the summer of 2011; and nearly killed me.

TheWashbag.com has coincided with a rollercoaster time in our club’s history. An unlikely surge to Wembley in 2009/10 was followed by an almost abrupt decline with relegation under Paul Hart and then our beloved Paolo Di Canio’s and his mouth…

Today the site wouldn’t be what it is without the valued and regular contributions of the many Town fans who are an integral part of the success of TheWashbag.com. With my time limited as a self titled ‘editor’, this website perhaps wouldn’t exist now without the support of the writing team.

It’s been an honour to publish Alex Cooke’s professional analysis; Brendan Hobbs’ Photoshop skills; Adam Johnson’s opinions; Vic Morgan’s weekly ramblings; David Squires’ Neil Ruddock Hall of Shame cartoon strip; Christopher Panks’ podcast; match reports and blogs from Andrew Hawes, Andrew Steele-Davis, Benjamin Beaumont, Benjamin Wills, Carl McQueen, Dan Johnson, Daniel Hunt, Danny Everard, Hans Tandsether, Iain Watkins, Lee Townsend, Matt Davies, Matthew Fry, Mike Minihane, Neil Evans, Nick Judd, Richard Banyard, Rosie MacGillivray, Sam Walton, Scot Munroe, Steve Hall, STFC007, Stuart Temple, The Overseer, Tom Otrebski, Vincent Pericard and Westbury Red.

There’s one thing for certain, as Swindon Town supporters, we’re never going to be short of articles…

Thanks to you all for reading and here’s to another successful year at the County Ground and ‘perhaps a promotion…’

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  • As one of the writers, I say thanks for doing it, Ron. For doing all of the work keeping the site running, writing so much yourself, promoting it and providing us all with great stats. It’s clearly made a difference – with Safe Standing, and with Paolo himself reading it. I really enjoy it too – especially as my writing isn’t professional any more – so keep it going!

    And which article did Paolo print out? Go on, tell us!


  • As one who has watched this site grow and grow and get better and better I am pleased to be able to say Happy Birthday and hope that there are many more to celebrate.
    I and many others read and digest the articles on here and whilst not always agreeing totally (typical football fans) do really enjoy the site, So thanks and keep up the good work.


  • I suppose the next question has to be – what can we do to make TheWashbag better? What do people want to see more or less of? Are some of our articles too long, or too short? Do you want to see something new everyday or is less more? Do readers want more jokes or more analysis?

    This just seems like a good time to ask…


    • Christ, for my own sake I hope the readership want more jokes… preferably flippant, unfunny and poorly thought out ones – otherwise it’ll be curtains for my washbag writing career!


      • I was hoping that lots of people would say ‘Make it shorter, by about a 1,000 words’. Then I would. Honestly.

        Not everything’s write needs to go on and on. I can blog without mentioning either Johnny Wilson or Arrigo Saachi at all. Except there. I mean once doesn’t count. Even Super Pippo Inzaghi was onside once. Have you seen his chance to score rate? Fascinating…

        See, that is why I leave the jokes to you.


  • Detailed expert analysis, superb insight into tactics, amusing anecdotes and excellent fluid writing. There are also highly entertaining historical articles. In fact all perspectives of our wonderful club are covered in a most accomplished and absorbing way.
    Yes the Townend Forum has it all … er….. or is it The Washbag.
    er … I can’t quite remember.
    er .. what web site am I on … er..


  • Good work Ron and to everyone, it’s good fun to have this site. And Ron, do you know what article!? (or you could hold out on answering and the page views for this page will sky rock!)


  • Congrats to the Washbag, and to Ron – a cracking website.


  • As a town fan stuck abroad and unable to see a match more than once a decade, I say thanks to the Washbag for all the articles, and many happy birthdays. At last I’m beginning to understand some of the happenings of the last twenty years (though I still do wonder what has happened to my 200 shares in STFC). While I am here, can anyone tell me why Don Rogers is not in the STCF Hall of Fame?


  • Happy birthday – as a STFC supporter living in NY, this site is a great way of staying in touch, and getting a pretty balanced / honest view of all things STFC.



  • Thank you all for your valued contributions. It makes such a difference to an exile like me up on the Wirral in Tranmere country.. Cheers.


  • Thanks for all your kind comments on the site. Glad to give you part of your STFC fix


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