Hall of Shame #23: The Brainiac Mexican Wave

This is a relatively straightforward entry for the Swindon Town Hall of Shame… in goes Brainiac, their yellow t-shirted minions,  Richard Hammond and all of you who joined in with the lie that was the Brainiac Mexican Wave experiment.

Brainiac weren’t content with abusing science in their TV lab with celebrities including John Tickle and the Cheeky Girls, so they just had to ruin a perfectly enjoyable League One match versus Luton in August 2004 with their pathetic Mexican Wave experiment. Their trip to Swindon was aided by a woeful media hungry board who would later bring Ron Atkinson in as a football consultant – also for Sky.

They asked ‘How many people does it take to start a Mexican Wave?’

The answer is… nobody could give a toss and it took being pissed off by being 1-2 down at half time and PA announcement to instruct the crowd until Sky got their shot, ‘cleverly’ edited in as if they were responsible for starting the wave.

Then there’s the issue of wearing yellow shirts in with the Town fans, which should be banned for obvious reasons…

Interestingly the first Brainiac ‘Ed’ to have a go at starting the Mexican Wave looks uncannily like our very own Alex Cooke.

Just watch and be ashamed of yourself, all of you who took part!

The match ended with a 2-3 defeat, just to rub it in…

Richard Hammond later said being attacked by Rockin’ Robin was worse than his 288mph dragster crash…

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