STFC Hall of Shame starts next week

After STFC recently announced the first players entered into the club’s Hall of Fame we thought it’s right to turn the tables and honour the darker side of Swindon Town Football Club over the years. It’s right to celebrate the good players and times, but those only exist because of the crap we’re frequently subjected to. It is experiencing this crap and humiliation that unites us loyal supporters and makes the good times even sweeter.

Unlike the Hall of Fame which includes only players, we’ll be ‘honouring’ everything connected with STFC. I’m expecting our Hall of Shame to be furnished with memories of plenty of dodgy players, transfer flops, inept managers, those embarrassing defeats, scandals, shocking kits and a special section reserved for antics in the boardroom.

We’ll be kicking off our Hall of Shame over the next fortnight as we induct our first few entries. At the end of January we’ll open it up to you to vote on an entry into the Hall of Shame.

Thereafter, every month a guest(s) will get the chance to put their entry straight into the Hall of Shame and we’ll also give you more nominations to vote in. We’ll drag this feature out for as long as we can as (unfortunately) there are plenty of contenders for the STFC Hall of Shame.

Entry into the Hall of Shame is simple. To be eligible the nomination must represent utter crap, a pathetic failure or a true contribution to the humiliation of our club, plus:

1 – The player, manager or other member of staff must no longer be employed by STFC for at least one year, and

2 – Any match, moment or incident must have happened at least one year before their inclusion.

Please speculate away on who or what might be one of our first set of entries…


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